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The section of the Chruchill River linking Stanley Mission and Nistowiak Falls is a classic Northern Saskatchewan canoe route. It is suitable for beginner paddlers and short enough to do in a couple of easy days with several options for linking it into a longer canoe tour with multiple access points.

Because of the various exciting spots to experience along the way this route is much loved by paddlers from near and far. The Church at Stanley Mission, Aboriginal rock paintings, a black sand beach and Nistowiak Falls combine to provide numerous amazing examples of experience history and natural wonder.

Depending on how you do this trip you will either start or end it (or both) at Stanley Mission. Across the river from this Cree community is one of the most important historical sites on the Churchill River, Holy Trinity Anglican Church. The oldest building in Saskatchewan, the church and its grounds are still used by the community today. It stands as a living museum and a reminder of the early days of cultures coming together in the "Old Northwest".

The natural wonder Nistowiak Falls is actually a kilometer long series of falls and rapids. It is by far one of the most iconic and sought after destinations in the North. By most standards it is very accessible, although it still takes two days to reach by canoe. These water falls are one of the most photographed and visited sites in Northern Saskatchewan. Although many people credit Nistowiak with being the largest falls in Saskatchewan they are not, but they are the most accessible.

On the Churchill River between these two sites are a series of Aboriginal Pictographs. These images are another, slightly lesser known, attraction on this route. A trip to this area is not complete without at least one viewing of these rock paintings.

On a group visit to these paintings years ago a member of the community, when asked to interpret the paintings, said this:

"We prefer not to try to interpret these images literally. Although some interesting historical information can be taken from them, we assume that we cannot know the exact thoughts of the one who painted them. They might tell of a dream, a long journey, or a life lived. They are a message through time and can mean different things to all of us".

We do not currently schedule a tour to this area, but we invite you to consider booking a tour here for your group or family. A trip to the falls is logistically easy enough to be affordable as a private tour. We can combine a trip here with any of our other options such as Learn to Canoe or Canoe Yoga and we can run this trip for as many days as you like. This is an excellent area for a novice or experienced paddler, and is an ideal location to learn canoe tripping skills. Because we do this tour as a custom booking we can assure you the best itinerary and rate for your group, ensuring your comfort and value. Contact us for more information on booking a private guided expedition to this region of the Churchill River.

Although this region of the Churchill is used and visited by many other boaters and paddlers it is well cared for. Some other commonly used recreation areas in the North do not fare so well, such as Otter Rapids and Missinipi regions that are heavily impacted by years of heavy use. Thanks in part to the people of Stanley Mission and area as well as responsible tourists and businesses, the camp sites, viewing locations and rest stops along this route are clean, well maintained and a pleasure to visit. We will do our part to make sure that they stay that way after our visit as well.